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B'nei heicholo, dichsifin
(Members of the Sanctuary who yearn)
l'mechazei ziv diz'eir anpin
(To see the glow of the Miniature Presence)
y'hoin hocho, b'hai tako
(May they be here at this table)
d'vei malko b'giluphin
(In which is inscribed the King in joy)
Tz'vu lachado, b'hai va'ado, b'goi 'irin v'chol gad'fin
(Long to be a part of this assemblage among many-winged angles)
Chadu hashto, b'hai shato, d'vei ra'avo v'leis za'aphin
(Be exultant now at this very time in which there is favor, but no anger)
K'rivu li, chazu cheili, d'leis dinin disqiphin
(Approach me, see my strength, when there are no powerful judgments)
L'var natlin, v'lo 'olin, hanei chalbin d'chatziphin
(Outside, let them remain, never to arise, those brazen dogs)
V'ho azmin 'atiq yoimin, l'minchoh 'adei y'hoin chalphin
(But I invite the Holy Ancient One at Minchah, the time when they fade away)
R'u dileih, d'galei leih, l'vatolo b'chol qliphin.
(His favor – when it is revealed – to negate all impure shells)
Y'shavei loin, b'noiqveihoin, vitamrun b'goi cheiphin
(May He place them in their nether holds and hide them among rocks)
Arei hashto, b'minchoso, b'chedvoso diz'eir anpin.
(I ask this now, at Minchah time, during exultation of the Miniature Presence)


from The Chassidic Songs of Vurka and Amshinov, released February 20, 2013



all rights reserved


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Azamra Music, founded by Gavriel Saks, is dedicated to the creation of fresh and soulful Jewish music, integrating ancient traditions with a cutting-edge mmusical sensibility. Azamra provides top-level musical arrangement, songwriting, and production.

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